Rapture – Mead

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From the depths of a starless, waxen fortress, a singular purpose resonates through the horde of drones.  Serve the Queen…

Crow & Wolf Brewing Co. is pleased to announce our very first mead! Introducing “Rapture”, our latest innovative project that pushes the boundaries of the sensory experience.

Featuring Raspberries, Mulberries, and fermented exclusively with hand-selected, wildflower honey. Rapture is decadent, yet extremely balanced by the naturally occurring acidity within the berries.

You won’t find cloying sweetness here. Enjoy this 8.8% ABV fruit-laden nectar cold or at room temperature as the experience evolves and becomes even more complex with the passage of time and the increase of temperature.

Rapture is served “still” which means that there is little to no carbonation in this product and can be enjoyed over the course of several days after opening the bottle, much like a wine.

Enjoy this offering, and above all else…Serve the Queen…

Comes in 750ml bottle. 8.8% ABV.  Limit 2 bottles.  Pickup in taproom starting Sept 2

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